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Wizz is a Paris based design, animation and production studio. Founded in 1999, Wizz was initially dedicated to the post-production of the projects at the Live Action sister company Quad Productions.

Today Wizz has expanded their client base and developed their own Directing talent grounded in Design/Animation/Mixed-Media minded storytelling. Wizz directors offer an eclectic, imaginative, artful and inspired perspective. Wizz studios offer a robust Animation/Vfx and Live Action production team capable of tackling numerous genres.

Expedia Let’s Take a Trip

Renault The Postman

Peugeot The Legend Returns

Peugeot 208 GTI: Dog

Jose Cuervo Jose Cuervo

Nature Sweet Stop the Abused

Cartier Haute Maroquinerie

Mini Babybel Super Cheese

Garden Party Oscar Nominated Short Film Trailer

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