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StyleWar is a Swedish directing collective founded by Oskar Holmedal and Martin Sjöström. Drawn to technically challenging spots, they are known for their razor-sharp use of hyper-real detail and explosive colour, creating their signature style. The work is almost unsettling in its ability to integrate subtle CG with naturalistic live action. This can be seen in their innovative spots for brands like Google, Coca-Cola, Lexus, HP, Apple, Nike, Nissan, Visa, Bacardi, and Toyota, among others.

StyleWar are creative problem solvers in the truest sense. They’re detail-obsessed creators of their own realities on behalf of agencies and brands always finding bespoke approaches to the creative, whether it be puppetry, vfx, or elaborate set builds. They’re mixed media masters and the original awe-inspiring directing collective, setting the gold standard for technical feats of commercial filmmaking, always inserting their Swedish mischievous spirit. Superbowl ‘Limitless’

Burger King Genie

Smart For A New Urban Joy

Nissan Versa

Telia IT

Ally Bank Lazy Bills

Bronson Keep Moving

Canon Smile

Lexus Pop Up

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