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Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell is a passionate storyteller with a cinematic eye, strong design aesthetic and the ability to connect live-action with visual effects. After graduating from Design school in London, Paul joined the BBC, working on a diverse range of projects from BBC Science to BBC Sport and BBC ONE. Paul relocated to Los Angeles working as a Creative Director at Prologue Films, working with Marvel, Warner Bros and Universal Studios, designing and directing for Ironman 2, Battleship and G.I. JOE Retaliation. At Mill+ LA, Paul directed high profile campaigns for Gatorade, Jack Daniels, Jaguar, Call of Duty and is most noted for the “It’s On Us” campaign for the Obama / Whitehouse administration which had a star studded cast. Paul has won numerous awards from BAFTA, Emmy’s, Promax BDA and the New York TV & Film Festival.

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