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Patrick Clair

Patrick Clair is a director who works at the intersection of storytelling and design.

He has been nominated 11 times for Outstanding Main Titles Emmy, winning twice, creating iconic title sequences for series including True Detective, Westworld, The Crown and many more.

Patrick’s work is about creating poetic images, rich with symbolism that is meaningful, arresting and shareable. He’s obsessed by icons, and their power to tell stories and inspire emotion. He’s fascinated by the human form and the camera’s ability to capture the nuance of a character, combining innovative live-action techniques with creative post-production to forge imagery that is unique, and compelling.

His passion for uncompromising design and execution is evident in his collaborations with Louis Vuitton, Audi, Estee Lauder, Apple, HBO, Netflix and many of the world’s top brands. With his work showcased by the Museum of Modern Art, New York and the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, as well as numerous award wins from Emmy’s, Cubes, Pencils and Lions.

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