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Nexus Studios

Nexus Studios is a next generation story studio working in entertainment and branded content. We create meaningful, heartfelt stories and experiences that positively add to the cultural conversation.

We harness new and emerging technologies, but transform them through the ageless craft-skills of story, art and design.

We are home to a world-class roster of talent supported by experienced production staff, creative thinkers, animators, technical directors, engineers, coders, illustrators, designers and makers. Together they work in a collaborative atmosphere to make talked-about work.

Our work includes Academy Award nominated animation, Grammy nominated music videos, D&AD Black Pencil and triple Cannes Grand Prix winning commercials and D&AD White Pencil winning digital and immersive experiences.

Be it hand-crafted or high-tech our goal remains to make engaging, heartfelt stories people want to share and to transform brands and organisations through the power of entertainment and culture.

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