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Le Cube

Le Cube are masters of classical techniques and lovers of new technology. Their credo is that excellence is a constant pursuit and that to achieve it they need to refine the fundamentals of their craft every single day.

Their work in film and illustration include character-driven animation in 2D and 3D, motion graphics, stop motion, live action and mixed media.

With offices in Madrid, Buenos Aires, Shanghai and São Paulo, they are a global creative production partner working with the world’s leading agencies and innovative brands, helping them to create, execute and deliver award-winning content. Their work has been awarded at festivals including the Cannes Lions, Ciclope, NY Festivals, LIA, Clio and Promax among others.

Lux Born This Way

Skol Drink Right Fuck Right

Ritz Carlton Back to the Stars

Uber A Year With Uber

The Confidente 140 Hours

Boxing Cat Brewery First Blood

Follow Food In Your Hands

Nike Road to HBL

Duolingo Make It Fun

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